Posted on: September 23, 2009 9:40 am
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Week 2

Big win for the Bengals! And I believe it may have been the difference between a good season and a disaster. Let me explain.

The Bengals have talent, but they don’t know how to win! They don’t know how to close out a game (see Week 1, and ALMOST Week 2). I feel that a loss to the Packers may have done them in. The Steelers are coming to town next week. I feel they can win that game now. If they had lost to the Pack, probably not. The Bengals haven’t shown the ability to bounce back from adversity in the past. Until Week 2!

I am really excited about how the Bengals D has played the first 2 weeks. They held Denver to 75 yards rushing and kept Orton in check. Without the ridiculous tip play that cost the Bengals a much deserved victory, Orton would have only had 158 yard passing and 0 TD’s. And the DB play is so much better than it has been in a long time. Remember Artrell “Toast” Hawkins? The offense was slightly disturbing against Denver though. You have to score points after getting into the red zone 5 times! But...when they needed to score they did, and should have won that game! Someone really should have taken my shoe strings away after that tip...I digress...

But then came Week 2! I again was impressed with the defense! I really like how fired up they are playing. They are hitting HARD. I am really liking Maualuga. And let’s talk about Odom! Where did that come from? 5 sacks?? 5?? Beast. A highlight of the day for me was then Roy Williams LAID OUT the Packers receiver, causing an incompletion. Another telling stat of how the D is playing is that 2 of the Packers TD’s came after HORRIBLE throws by Palmer. More on that later. One was a Pick 6, and the other gave the Packers the ball inside the 10. They also held the Packers to under a 100 yards rushing. Probably gave up too many passing yards, but they made the stops when they had to.

As far as the offense, there is still some room for improvement, however they played a lot better than Week 1. Palmer looked sharp for the most part. Except the two bad throws to Woodson. He must have been throwing them to Woodson as they hit him in the numbers. O well...he still threw 3 TD’s. But the reason he could even throw those TD’s was due to Cedric Benson. I am very impressed with him. The O line is doing a decent job, but a lot of those runs are squarely on his shoulders. He is making guys miss behind the line and somehow finding little holes to slip through. And he is always looking for someone to hit. GREAT pickup by the Bengals! He gained 141 yards. I like what I am seeing out of Chad Ochocinco. He seems to be back to trying again and having fun, unlike last years debacle. Good game with 91 yards and a TD. And a Lambeau leap to boot!

One more thing that is so much improved over the last few years is the punting game. Kevin Huber is doing a spectacular job! How many times in the past few years have the Bengals needed a good punt, only to have Kyle Larson put one off the side of his foot for a net punt of 12 yards? Huber has been doing a great job.

I am going to go with 3 stars for wins, and 3 goats for losses.

My 3 Stars are: 1. Cedric Benson 2. Kevin Huber 3. The Bengals D!

I am looking forward to next week! Bring on the Steelers!
Posted on: September 20, 2009 9:56 pm

The Life of a Bengals Fan...

Welcome to my blog!  I am a Bengals fan....why are you laughing?  No seriously...stop laughing!  Its a tough existence, let me tell you.  I grew up outside of Cincinnati in Northern Ky.  I love the Bengals.  I know that is crazy, but they have always been there.  I was born in 1977, so I remember SOME good days.  I remember a Super Bowl appearance (that dang Joe Montana...).  I remember the Ickie Shuffle.  I remember Collinsworth, Boomer, and James Brooks.  How about Munoz and Montoya?  David Fulcher?  Yea..them too.  That was when the Jungle was The Jungle!  I unfortunately also remember some lean years.  Lean years?  Lean is giving them too much justice!  Klingler, Akili, and Kijana Carter had a lot to do with those years.  BUT...somehow I STILL have hope every year.  Why?  Because I feel that someday...some year...they will come together.  Talk to a Red Sox fan about waiting.  I can wait.  And continue to hope. 

So much heartache over the years.  The first I can remember is the dropped sure thing superbowl icing interception by Lewis Billups.  The life of a Bengals fan.  So many botched extra points...a couple keeping the Bengals out of the playoffs.  The life of a Bengals fan.  Left handed passes by right handed QB’s?  The life of a Bengals fan.  It is AMAZING how this team seems to find ways to lose.  To snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. 


I am now a member of the United States Air Force and stationed in Alabama.  I take so much grief for being a Bengals fan.  People just smile and pat my head and quietly laugh to themselves.  They don’t understand my addiction.  I am paying the ridiculous Directv price for the Sunday Ticket to watch the Bengals.  Just saying that sounds stupid, but I am doing it!  I only get to go to one game a year now, however I did usher at Paul Brown Stadium when I still lived in the area for the sole purpose of watching games.  Probably wasn't too great of an usher.  But I did get to see the 8 home games a year that weren’t on TV at the time.  A sellout crown?  No way.


Those were some rough years...but then, the Bengals went and did something that hooked me for even longer.  They went and looked like they were turning a corner!  They made the playoffs only to have Kimo Vonolhofen crawl up to Carson Palmer's Knee a full 10 minutes after Palmer had let go of the ball, destroying Palmers knee and any chance of winning that year.  Enter John Kitna, Mr 8-8.   The life of a Bengals fan. 

After that, we have had some rough years.  The potential is there!  They have just never found a way to learn how to win.  They can’t close out a game, and every win is a rollercoaster heart attack.  And now the latest.  The dagger in the heart, kick in the teeth of the Broncos Week 1 game.  The tip.  The Bengals didn’t have a great game, but had done everything to win.  Knock the ball down Leon!  Not up!  Is there any other team that would have something like that happen?  The life of a Bengals fan. 


Mike Brown is not the problem.  There...I said it.  I will not bash him.  I won’t.  It is not his fault.  Sure...he has contributed.  But despite what 95% of Bengals fan think, I KNOW that he wants to win.  I know he is passionate about football.  Its funny...if and WHEN (optimism at its finest) they win it all, he will be touted as a genius for doing it his way.  “He never backed down, never caved to the pressure...he did it like his Dad!” is what they will say.  Look...we don’t have a GM.  So what?  The Lions, Browns and several other perennial losers has their record been?  At some point, we have to place the blame on the players and coaches.  Sure...Mike Brown puts them in place, but they have to be held accountable.  I know this is not a popular viewpoint.  Just my opinion.  


This blog will be my thoughts, feelings, place of venting, and of high fiving.  I am an average fan that happens to be hooked on the Orange and Black.  It will be somewhat therapeutic.    I honestly think that this year (2009) could be a good year.  I really do.  I LOVE the defense.  The offense is scaring me, but I think they can suffer through.  Palmer gives them a chance, and Benson is running great!  We’ll see.  But then again...I feel like this every year...The life of a Bengals fan. 

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